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COVID initiative for disadvantaged children in Braila

The spread of the COVID pandemic around the world and in Romania, including in Braila, in the city we operate, has hit hard many families and disadvantaged children. The pandemic has worsened the already difficult living conditions, and deepened further the economic and social crisis that many local families and children experience.

We, as local Day Center for disadvantaged children coming from dislocated and socially challenged families, are working intensely to re-open the Center and provide safe and healthy environment, support, food and personal attention to as many children as possible.

All support provided under the “COVID initiative for disadvantaged children in Braila” is administered directly by the Foundation. Our key targets are to provide:
- safe and healthy environment for young children between 5 and 12 years of age
- free daily meals, food parcels and hygienic kits
- access to education and health professionals during and in the post-COVID period.

You can support our our pandemic relief effort by making an donation directly to the “COVID initiative for disadvantaged children in Braila” or supporting our wider cause.

Thank you for you support

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